Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Weekend in Pictures

Saturday announced our last day of 'formal' school for the year! To celebrate, we went out for ice cream. I don't know what was more exciting for the boys: the ice cream or taking turns riding with Daddy!!

All three kids chose bub
blegum ice cream in waffle dishes that they made right in front of us! Yummy!!!! I am a faithful and loyal Tillamook Choco
late Peanut butter fan but I may have to change teams!!! The Alpenrose Chocolate Peanut butter that I had was out of this world!!!!!!!

Sunday offered Craig a chance to go sturgeon fishing with our friend/neighbor. His wife and I took our kiddos to the Olympia Farmers' Market to pass the time while the daddies were away!

Us ladies found the perfect compliment to the sturgeon the guys contributed to dinner that evening: fresh steamer clams!!! I brought them home but Craig took over from there with this yummy recipe for steamer clams that actually involves putting them, ALIVE, in my microwave! Steamer clams happens to be one of Noah's all-time favorite foods!!! His mountain of empty shells was astonishing!!!!!

We made the most of the stormy weather today! First off, a haircut for Kaleb. For anyone who knows Kaleb, it will not come as a surprise to hear that Kaleb has been wanting a mohawk. And for anyone who knows me, it will not come as a surprise that I refused. However, we found a reasonable compromise in what they are calling the "faux hawk". The cut is normal, its the touch of gel and the styling that gives it the mohawk look. Personally, I think it's the absolute cutest faux hawk I've ever seen.

We then loaded up in Penny (our faithful, old, beloved Volkswagen van) and took a drive. It was a perfect activity for a rainy Pacific Northwest day!!! We stopped for lunch and Sarah took a turn "driving":

On our way home from adventuring, we got to see these coming down the river, headed out to sea. I'm quite certain God was anticipating with joy all day long this little surprise He had arranged for us. The boys were thrilled to pieces to get to see these ships so close!

We ended our day with fried sturgeon and homemade french fries. We then tucked the little girls in bed and joined the boys in our pop-up camper for a rousting game of Life. Crazy place to play a board game but there's something so very exciting to them about that camper!!!! They were just tickled pink to be out there! It was quite cozy, actually! The rain was pattering down on the roof, the wind hammering against the canvas, their giggles and silliness filling the inside with joy and happiness. Noah's car was filled with children, Kaleb was sad that he remained childless, and I won by only about $80.00.

Oh, and yes, I did get to go out for dinner with my wonderful husband. We enjoyed fondue, a yummy salad and crab and grilled artichoke ravioli! It was delicious and refreshing and I came home, eager to attend to my teething sweetheart (who was a perfect angel, I might add, while I was gone)! It really was JUST what I needed! Thanks for asking, friends! And Mom, I'm most certain I made you wish for earplugs a time or two!!!!


Leanne said...

Kaleb's cute no matter if he has hair or not!!!

And Sarah is totally delicious! She's so pleased with herself!

Clams......ummmmm......I'll let you guys eat them all.

I love your pictures....

And the next time you see Sofia, be sure to wave to her!


Rebeca said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Bless you, Rebeca