Saturday, December 4, 2010


I still don't even feel old enough to have traditions that are my very own! Nonetheless, after 14 years of marriage and nearly 11 years of parenting, they have snuck in without me even noticing. I'm so very fond of them! Here are a few of my very favorite Christmas traditions:

* 'Twas the Night Before Christmas:
Actually, for us, it usually falls on the eve of Christmas Eve and it began long before we had children. Craig and I began sleeping underneath the Christmas tree, snuggled up beneath warm sleeping bags, truly the coziest place in the house. As children came along, we nestled them down with us. As MORE children came along, they squeezed us out of our original spots and claimed the place underneath the evergreen as their own.....We now fall asleep near them, cherishing the soft glow of the Christmas lights on their cherub-like faces. This remains one of my very favorite of all traditions. Someday when we live in a bigger house, or we have less children in our home, Craig and I will return to our original places underneath the tree. But for now, its one of the most precious sights I see all year long, my children lined up in a row, nestled down in their sleeping bags beneath the Christmas tree. You really ought to try it sometime! That place beneath the tree....its nearly magical.* Our Christmas Books:
I'm not even sure how this tradition began but over the years, we have collected a handful of children's books related to Christmas in some fashion. I keep these books in a basket and they ONLY come out at Christmas time. The children have so much fun looking at and reading these books. Often, they have forgotten about them and so its like opening up a new gift each year. We've got "Hannah and the Manger" (one of Hannah's personal favorites), Eloise Wilkins' "The Christmas Story", Jan Brett's "Gingerbread Friends", Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman's "Mortimer's Christmas Manger" and another by the same authors, "Bear Stays Up for Christmas", Susan Wojciechowski's "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey", and even an I Spy Christmas. Some of them have been given as gifts, some of them were scores at the local Goodwill and some of them just seemed to appear. I have tried hard to weed out 'silly' books and keep my stash limited to books that really pertain to the birth of Jesus (though I must admit that "Spot's First Christmas", a book given to Kaleb when he was 2 years old, has kept its spot in the Christmas book basket if for no other reason than sentimentality). I enjoy this tradition along with the children, their little (and not so little, these days) bodies snuggled up next to me, reading the stories they've heard for years now and cracking open a new one here and there that has earned its place in the beloved basket.

*The Christmas Parade:
Complete with hot chocolate and a yummy snack of some sort, bundled up almost to the point of uncomfortable, I line them up on a curb downtown and we watch the Christmas Parade go by. Always at night, the lights and the music are spectacular and we do our best to stay until either gloved hands are finally frozen or Santa wraps it up with a mighty "Ho, ho, ho" that echos against the dark, winter sky. The children look forward to this every year, and I will readily admit that I DON'T because almost every year Craig has to work that evening and its a lot of hard work to get the gang bundled, loaded, unloaded, shuffled, nourished, safe, loaded, unloaded, and unbundled all by myself but I do it, nonetheless, because who could say no to these beautiful faces?!?! (Sadly, for them anyway, we had to miss it this year because Noah had a whopping headache and you just can't do something like the Christmas Parade when you're down a player.)

* O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree:
One last tradition, and truly one of my very favorites, and then its your turn. Our parents have continued a tradition that they both started with us when we were children. Each year, they give each of us a Christmas ornament often pertaining to something eventful that happened within that particular year. When one of them learned to ride a bike, they received a bike ornament. When one of them took ballet, played soccer, showed a chicken in the county fair, etc, they received a coordinating ornament. One year, Sarah got a goose because one of her nicknames is Goose. The year our first daughter was born, Craig got a cigar with pink details on it. When I was the mother of just two small male children I received an ornament that said, "Mothers of boys work from son up 'til son down!". Opening up the ornament bin and placing them on our tree is truly like reading the pages of a family journal. Memories come flooding in, not only for me, but now also for the children. The little girls wonder where 'this one came from' and the big boys smile with delight, "Oh I remember THIS one!" It is my hope that these historical accounts in the shapes of motorcycles and little rubber boots and turtles and ballerinas will be passed down, along with their stories, to generations to come.

So there are just a few of my favorite Christmas traditions. I'd love to hear some of yours! I really would! Either share a few of them with me in the comments or better yet, use this as fodder for your own blog post and leave me a note telling me that you've blogged about them and I'll go read it! Its always fun to hear other families' traditions and it'll warm your heart to ponder on them for a few minutes!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Short Explanation

Well, now that things are officially private, I'll clue you in on my reason for making the change. A few weeks ago, I noticed that two new readers were 'following' my blog. I didn't recognize their names as friends of mine, thus checked out their profiles which led to checking out their blogs. One reader was from Malaysia, one was from the UK and both appeared to be Islamic extremist women who made it clear that they felt very strongly about their beliefs, one of them being that Americans, specifically Christian Americans, were an insult to their faith. Um....yeah. So maybe the TSA isn't into profiling but I AM! I have no idea how they found my blog or why they were interested in following it and I wasn't going to stick around to find out. Call me paranoid, but I suddenly became very uncomfortable with Islamic extremists from half way around the world knowing my children's names, my husband's name, what they looked like, etc. The "Pollyanna" part of me wonders if just maybe they were interested in Christianity and were there out of curiosity. But the large majority of me just felt very uncomfortable.

So there you have it! Now things are private and I can continue as before:).

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going Private

I'm going to go private with this blog so if you would like to continue reading it, please send me your email! Thanks:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Recent Adventures

The boys had a WONDERFUL time recently at Tree to Tree Adventure Park. This was a birthday gift to my husband, who can be very difficult to shop for. After all, you can't really expect your mother-in-law to go to the local U-Pull-It to find some funky part of a transmission for your Suburban, can you? These are the types of things that would be on Craig's wish list, if he had one! Anyway, the gift was a HIT and Noah and Kaleb enjoyed it as well. They are all planning and dreaming about the next time we can go! And just for the record, us girls kept our feet firmly planted on the ground:).

And just for your viewing pleasure, I present to you a nearly 8 month old Jacob! If we loved this little Bubba-Stinky any more, we all just might explode.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending an Above Rubies retreat in Turner, Oregon. Nancy Campbell's message was more timely than you could even know. She spoke about the tactics the enemy used to try to deter the people from rebuilding the temple (from Ezra and Nehemiah) and how the enemy uses the same tactics today to try to prevent Christians from building families that seek to glorify Christ. Things like discouragement and fear and accusations and doubts. The list of 10 things was so very applicable to life as a wife and mother. Satan hates families, he really does. This weekend encouraged me to recognize the tactics of my enemy. He is sly and cunning but when exposed to the light of Christ, he is also powerless! Anyway, my friend took some sweet pictures from the retreat but I can't figure out how to download them so if you'd like to see them, you'll have to visit my friend Emily's blog!

And just a quick update: I'm now 22 weeks along and I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going. Just had a prenatal last week and Sweet Baby was doing wonderfully! I often look at Jacob and am amazed that at this time next year, I'll have another baby (Lord willing) the very same age as he is now! And you'd think by now I'd have this figured out, but I can't believe I will be able to love this new little one as much as I do the Fantastic Five! It just blows my mind! I love all of them so VERY much and it seems impossible that I could ever love anyone else as much as I love them. But then.... that precious life emerges and I hold him/her close and there I go again, falling wildly and madly in love. It truly is amazing! A mother's heart really is never full!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A VERY Thought-Provoking Post

If you are not familiar with the blog, Generation Cedar, you're missing out! This post, especially, has my wheels spinning. Very, VERY thought- provoking.....

Divine Appointment: Babies are a Part of the Gospel Picture

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Time for Bon-Bons Today!

Helping Momma wash jars...

Apple seconds from Hood River: $0.25/lb! Makes me smile...

The simple beauty of sparkling clean canning jars...

Thelma is doing what Thelma loves most: cookin' up a storm...

I know my grandma would be tickled pink to know that I'm STILL using her Foley Food Mill...

And 17 quarts later...

But no Bon-bons yet! Craig's birthday dinner: Manicotti...

Yummy, says the whole crew...

No birthday for Craig is complete without an apple pie! I'll never make them as perfect as his mom's, but then again, a wife should NEVER make apple pie better than her husband's mother...

And after such a day, Jacob wonders if he can come out now...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Convicted or Condemned

I've been thinking about the difference between condemnation and conviction lately. A house is condemned; a criminal is convicted. These are the situations where we hear these words used most frequently. I am neither a house (though ask me in about 4 more months and I may tell you that I feel like one) nor am I a criminal. But condemnation and conviction effect me on a daily basis. So what's the difference between the two?

It seems to me, for starters, that conviction occurs with the purpose of repenting and restoring while condemnation occurs with the purpose of destroying and obliterating. We convict a criminal of a crime with the hope of punishing him in such a way that he will regret his actions and choose not to repeat them ever again, thus restoring him to the status of law-abiding citizen. We condemn a structure because it is no longer deemed safe and thus must be destroyed. There is hope for the criminal but all hope is lost for the house. I think I'd rather be the criminal:).

So then, who does the condemning and who does the convicting in my life? Well, the obvious answer is that Satan condemns and Jesus convicts. There's more to it than that, though, as I am discovering while digging into the treasure chest that God's Word is. But alas, the baby is wanting some attention. Perhaps a Part 2 will be necessary!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sarah Grace: A Snapshot

Sarah Gracie, with salsa on your mug, look at your momma!

Gracie, I wanted to take a NICE picture of you!!!

You're ornery through and through, Girlie!!!!

This girl of ours is something else! She was a perfect angel for the first three months of her life; every mother's dream come true baby! Easy going, hardly ever cried, put herself to sleep when she was tired and cute as a button. And then..... We're still looking for the individual who flipped her switch! From about 4 months to about 15 months the girl drove us batty!!!!! She cried, whined, complained, fussed, wailed and sobbed and she did it all very, very loudly. She wanted to be held, BY ME, all the time and so I did, simply to provide our home with a little peace and quiet. Praise the Lord, and I really, really do mean that, we all lived through her first year. Now, here she is, three years old and what we've got is that perfect angel mixed with that little stinkpot all in one incredibly delightful package. She's sweet as can be and ornerier than all get out.

Our very latest talker, we still can't understand about 1/4 of what she says (which is a vast improvement, believe me). We constantly wonder what we've agreed to as she rattles on and on about who knows what and we politely nod our heads in consent. She'll attempt any word under the sun (today she tried her linguistics out on the word 'competition') but oh, how we wish she would have been born with an interpreter. In fact, for quite some time my mother described her as the foreign exchange student:). And it was the perfect description.

Around here she's known as the Chicken Whisperer. She can cuddle and pet nearly any bird in the flock of 22 with seemingly little effort while they run for their lives from the rest of us. She is fascinated with horses and is certain that every single one is "Spir-dit", the horse from her very favorite movie by a similar name ("Spirit"). She grosses us out on a regular basis by holding pet slugs and other various outdoor creatures. We all laid down the law, however, when she marched in the house with a daddy long leg in her hand!

Sounding a bit on the tom-boyish side, isn't she? Don't be fooled. The girl LOVES anything that smells pretty, can be found on a daily basis nursing her wee little babies, and is the first of my children to inherit my ability to cry at the same movie over and over again! She and Hannah love to play "House" and Sarah always gets the role of "Christy", the young daughter.

Miss Sarah Grace is busy from the moment she rises until the moment she crashes and yet still, her very favorite place to be in the whole wide world is snuggled up on my lap with a lock of my hair in her little hand. She keeps me on my toes (and I have a hunch its only just begun!) and I simply cannot imagine my life without her.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm not quite sure how it happens, this metamorphose of names. We don't ever intend to come up with these crazy nicknames! They just happen....
That being said, I'd like to introduce you to Bubba! Of course, his full name is Bubba Stinky, also known as Bubbsie-Boy or Bubbsie, for short. Occasionally, Bubba morphs into Bubbaloni which then causes us all to break out into song:
"My Bubbaloni has a first name
Its J-A-C-O-B
My Bubbaloni has a second name
Its A-A-R-O-N
We love to eat him every day
And if you ask us while we'll saaaaayyyyyy.....
Jacob Aaron is the sweetest boyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Sometimes, Bubba evolves into Bubba-Rootsie, a name born from Daddy's song that goes something like this( sung to the tune of "Allouette"):
Stinky, stinky tootsie
Stinky, stinky toots"

Once in a blue moon, if he's lucky, we simply call him "Jacobeeee" or "Jakey-Poo".

Now he really isn't stinky; in fact, I think he smells delicious right down to his (stinky) little toes. And I'm sure we won't call him Bubba-Stinky when he's 18. But for now, he's our sweet Bubbsie-Boy....and that's just how it is!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Fancy for Forts

Blankets and chairs; couch cushions and pillows; clothes pins, sleeping bags, tea sets and imaginations. That's all one really needs to transform my living room into some form of organized chaos! It will do nothing for the editors of the latest Pottery Barn catalog but it does WONDERS for the Fantastic Five!

The only time you'll ever catch Kaleb with a pink blanket over his head!

Always the hospitable one, Hannah was prepared to tend to the hungry builders.

Smiling eyes...Oh, the delight of a fort!

She was mid-sentence. A conversation with the make-believer.

You are NEVER too old to build a fort! In fact, at this point, you are engineering a masterpiece!

Little Boy Blue Eyes was busy building, too!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chip of the Ol' Block

She's a chip off the ol' block, I guess. Does anybody recall this event? Last night for dinner I made a lovely Chicken and Biscuits Casserole, complete with biscuits made containing cream cheese! How could you go wrong? My sweet, darling little Hannah came in from outside just as I was pulling dinner from the oven. She turned up her petite little freckled nose and announced with great concern: "Mom, something smells like poo-poo!" Yes, dear Girl, that would be your dinner......

I thought it smelled rather comfort-foodish! Should have just stuck with Mac and Cheese, I guess.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here Comes My Dad!!!

I was recently reading Psalm 18 in a snippet of time that I had between changing diapers and teaching fractions. Have you read it recently? It may have just been my mood that day, but it actually made me laugh right out loud. David is in the midst of anguish, going so far as to say that the sorrow of Hell surround him. It is obvious that his enemy (who just happens to be the same enemy that we have today) was having a hay-day with him. In verse 6 he says, "In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried out to my God". It goes on to say that God heard his voice all the way from His temple and that his cry came before Him, even to His ears. And then the fun begins! God gets MAD!!!!! He's so mad He's breathing smoke (I think I may have felt nearly that mad once or twice) and fire is coming from His mouth. But He doesn't just stay up there in His temple, steaming. Oh, no! He comes on down and takes care of business. He sends hailstones and fire and arrows. The earth shook, the hills quaked...all because God was angry! He swoops down from His temple and He rescues this one that He loves so very much. Its a beautiful, powerful, amazing Psalm.

The day I read it, I had this brief 'vision' (doesn't that sound lofty? Don't be impressed! I think it came to me in the bathroom:) ) of this little boy being tormented by the playground bully. Truly, terribly tormented. Picked on and belittled and ridiculed and tortured until finally the little boy calls out, "Daaaaddddddyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Suddenly an unsettling silence envelopes the playground followed by the distant sound of thunder growing closer at an alarming rate. The little boy looks up with a new found courage and looks straight into the scowling eyes of the bully. "You've had it now. Here comes my dad!"

Isn't that how it is with our Abba Father? Oh, that I could have the daring confidence that David did and the little boy in my vision did! Next time Satan is tormenting me, dragging me lower than low, I hope I remember this and cry out, "Daaaaadddddyyyyyy!!!! Help!!!! and then, with confidence and expectation, say to my enemy, "You better watch out NOW! Here comes my Dad!!!!!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Real Education

"Remember, the Word of God prepares us for every good work-
the periodic table won't help a bit"

I really love this quote by R.C. Sproul Jr. from his book, "When You Rise Up". It has reminded me again, or shall I say "convicted" me again, of where my focus really needs to be in educating my children.

You can feel the excitement in the air this time of year, whether your children compute their math at your dining room table or amongst 20 other desks in a tidy schoolroom. Brand new backpacks, pencils with erasers still intact, notebooks that have yet to be dog-eared and softened by use. Garage doors opening in unison at approximately 8:23am. A certain chill in the mornings tells us that its school time.

But what's it all about? We get excited to crack open the new textbook, or try out the new science curriculum, or meet the new teacher. Our hearts race just a bit as we introduce the new letter for the day or listen to our child recant the poem they learned or watch them do long division for the first time.

Kevin Swanson ( says that if our children know Saxon Math better than they do Proverbs, they are not being properly educated. Ouch! He's so very right, though! Regardless of where our children receive their education, discipling our children MUST be our very top priority, above all other things! Voddie Baucham (, a pastor whom we have learned much from, and respect greatly, made one of the most convicting statements I have ever heard regarding my goal as a parent. He says that he is not preparing his children for college. He's preparing them for Eternity!

In educating our children, we cannot be short-sighted. We cannot forget that a high school diploma and a college education are not the goal. They aren't! If that's what we're striving for in our hearts, with our time and with our pocket books, we are failing our children and the God who entrusted them to us. Even in their education, we must be so careful to not get wrapped around the axle storing up treasures that moth and rust (or a down turn of the economy) can destroy at the expense of storing up eternal treasures that are INDESTRUCTIBLE (Matt. 6:19).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Endless Pursuit

An unsatisfied pursuit. It always starts there, this break down. Every story that shares the same ending starts there. A chasing after that which can never be caught. It becomes a relentless, addictive chase. The further one runs, the more distorted the past becomes until finally, the runner is convinced that..... "I never loved you". The chasing after "me". One cannot serve two masters. One cannot serve self and others. The burden of service becomes too heavy in the shadow of "me". The grass becomes greener. In the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction, one turns their back on all that could ever quench such a thirst. A child's smile, a husband's safe embrace, a wife's tender touch, the peaceful routine, it ceases to become enough. It IS enough but "me" casts a shadow once more, distorts the joy and tranquility and security and delight. Eyes begin to search beyond the Home's walls for something to satisfy "me". The unsatisfied pursuit. "Me" is greedy, a hunger that can never be made full. An empty belly that only becomes emptier in the pursuit. It will never be enough. The pursuit becomes desperate, unreasonable even. One sheds anything, maybe everything, to chase satisfaction. Leaves them broken, shattered, along the this unsatisfied, Endless Pursuit.

His Word says it 5 times. His life lived it innumerably. "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it...". He knew. He knew that His Way offered freedom and joy everlasting. And yet still, we choose the endless pursuit. We let the pursuit break our hearts and break our homes. We chase after it until we have run so far from everything we ever knew that we loose our way back. Our enemy throws his wicked head back and laughs.

Fold the laundry one more time. Pick up the toys one more time. Pack his lunch one more time. Lift your chin up and smile one more time. Wipe the fevered brow, tickle the tender belly, rise out of bed in the mid of the night, chop the onion, play the game, read the story, listen to the days' events with keen interest, and on and on the list goes. Each time, deliberately and with passion, do it. Turn your back on the Endless Pursuit.

Don't shed them.........
Shed YOU.

If you have run so far from everything you knew that you've lost your way back, there is a Way. He loves you, He longs to lead you home. He has already poured His blood out for this Endless Pursuit. Let His blood cover your chasing after that which will never satisfy. Let His blood wash you and make you clean.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hannah Joy...

First she did this...
Hannah turns five on a warm summer day,
The day her long awaited sunflower burst open to face the sun,
Full of joy,
Like our Hannah Joy...

Then she did this...
After much anticipation
And waiting for the mail to bring her books;
After gathering her supplies and tucking them neatly in their box;
After a few years of watching The Brothers
Read and Write and Compute....
Its HER turn.
At 6:30 this morning, her little sleepy body was perched on the couch
Greeting me as I stumbled for the shower.
"Can we start school now, Momma?"
I held her off until chores were complete
And breakfast was fed
And Baby was napping.

Then we dove in....
With delight!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Its Like...

Would you like to know what its like to be three months pregnant and nearly 6 months postpartum all at the same time? Well, in a nutshell, its wonderful!!! I'm not making that up, either!!!!!

One of my biggest 'concerns' about being pregnant so soon after being pregnant was how I would handle feeling crummy while mothering an infant. I was so sick with Jacob, as in lay-in-bed-for-a-few-months sick with 24 hour nausea, The thought of having a baby to care for while feeling that way was overwhelming, to say the least. I went before the throne of the One who loves me so and I presented a request for an easy pregnancy to Him. I knew full well that He could have very well said "No" for reasons I may not have understood but could trust in, nonetheless. I hope with all my heart that I would, indeed, have trusted Him fully had He said no. But He said yes, and I am so grateful!!!!

I have even been without some of my very usual early pregnancy complaints! Heartburn seems to be my nemesis almost from conception. Not an ounce of it! Sciatic pain also seems to announce its presence from early on. Not even a mention of it, so far! And as for the nausea? Oh, its been there but its been so much more manageable, visiting me only in the mornings (as morning sickness should!) and behaving itself if I'm sure to eat often and eat enough. I am now 12 weeks and the nausea is making its departure, unlike my past two pregnancies where it lingered well into my 4th month.

I have discovered something else in the midst of this pregnancy. I have found a lovely, wonderfully sweet, perfectly effective therapy for morning sickness and first trimester blahs. Its this:

How in the world could I feel too miserable when THIS is the sweet face I have to look at? Even the nausea relents a bit when I have THIS constant reminder, not too far from the womb himself, of what its all for? I'm not making this stuff up! Of all the herbs, teas, homeopathics, vitamins, etc. that I've taken over the course of 6 pregnancies, THIS sweet face has proven to be the most effective!

So, that's what its like to be 3 months pregnant while mothering a 5 1/2 month old! God is so very good!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


We trusted the Lord. We admitted that we are not wise enough, nor do we have good enough eye-sight (eternal eye-sight), to determine who should get the chance to live and who shouldn't. We confessed, by our actions not just our words, that He is God and we are not. We trusted....

In March of 2011, Lord willing, the Scarbrough family will rejoice over another sweet baby, a gift from the Lord, a treasure beyond measure.

The children are thrilled, so very excited to have another little person to delight in. Oh, how they bless me! I expected them to be a bit indifferent about our news, for some reason. Instead, they whooped and hollered and couldn't wait to announce it from the roof tops.

Thank you for letting me share my news with you!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sarah Grace Gets a New 'Do

Due to a relentless hair-knotting habit, Sarah got a new 'do! We think it suits her just fine!

Monday, March 22, 2010

If I Could Choose....

If I could choose any baby in the whole wide world....
I'd choose this one.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The After Picture

I am so very thrilled and delighted to introduce to you....

Jacob Aaron
Born at 4:05pm on Monday, March 15, 2010
Weighing 9 lbs even and measuring 20 1/2 in long

He is SUCH an incredible blessing for our entire family! The Lord was so very gracious to give him to us! He came quickly, deciding to take make his entrance about 25 minutes before our midwife arrived! We are so very grateful to the Lord for a safe birth and a healthy baby. We are all so very smitten with this little guy! Praise the Lord!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Before Picture

Wanna see my belly? I'm going to assume you said yes. Here's my attempt at a self-portrait:).My due date is in six, count 'em SIX, days so we really are down to "any day" (both Hannah and Kaleb were born by now and Sarah was born 'tomorrow', respectively). I'm looking forward to meeting this little one so very much. I can't wait to see those little feet and those little clenched fists. I can't wait to stroke that soft, downy hair. I can't wait to feel that curled up bundle in my arms! In fact, I'm so excited to meet this little one that I've finally decided I'm even willing to endure labor and birth to accomplish such a meeting!!! I've been a bit on the fence about that (as if I had a way out! Ha!!!!). So hopefully this 'before picture' will soon be followed by an 'after picture', revealing the sweet occupant of that bulge!!!! We appreciate your prayers for a safe and uncomplicated birth as well as a healthy baby! Thank you!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Children: The Spice of Life

Children really are the spice of life. Last week, Craig and I were planning a day out and about with the children. The weather was beautiful and we were all suffering from a little late pregnancy cabin fever. As we were contemplating our options, it dawned on me that our children make our life more exciting. As they are getting older, they are each developing their own passions and interests and, as a family, we embrace these and run with them!
So first on our list of activities was a visit to the Mima Mounds, near Olympia, Washington. Go read about them if you get a chance! Pretty interesting! Anyway, there's not a one of us in the bunch who doesn't love to hike (or, as Craig sweetly reminded me, 'waddle', as the case may be) so that was a passion we all share! The day was beautiful, the fresh air invigorating, complete with rosy cheeks and wind-blown blonde heads!
Next on the agenda was a stop in at a new nursery (that ended up being a flop, but nonetheless, part of the "spice of life"). You see, we have a budding botanist in our midst. Noah has become truly passionate about plants! He has, I do believe, around 10 houseplants that he carefully and meticulously tends to, along with seed starts and a shade garden outside. He is learning SO much about the care and keeping of all types of vegetation and can readily identify more plants than I can even name. He pours over seed catalogs like most children poor over toy magazines. He loves it and he's good at it! It is a passion of his that we are all embracing. We were all excited to visit this nursery.... because of him!
After that, we headed to a terrific coffee shop in Olympia because, after all, who ISN'T passionate about coffee (and hot chocolate if you're a little on the short side). Just around the block sits the toy store, which the little girls could have spent hours and hours in. And who doesn't LOVE to watch little girls lost in their own little world of make believe. Then it was Kaleb's turn! This boy is passionate, and I mean passionate, about music. More specifically, guitar. So we ventured in to the local guitar shop there in Olympia where he spent quite some time studying and admiring every guitar, mandolin, banjo and ukulele in the store. Music stores and the such have become a passion for our entire family, simply because they are a passion of Kaleb's.

We then ended our day with a trip to Cabela's, which, as you might guess, is a passion of Craig's! On the drive home, I contemplated our day and treasured the truth that our children really do add so much to our lives. Their passions and interests become ours as we endeavor to fan them, encourage them, and foster them. Our children, each unique and individual, add so much to this unit we call family! We would not be who WE are without each and every one of them. What a joy to get to be part of a such a passion-filled adventure!!! And I have a hunch that it's only going to get better!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bibadee Bobadee Boo

With perplexity she asks me, "So how did God put the baby in your tummy?" Hmmm...she's only four. I chew on my answer but she forges ahead. "Is it like magic, Mom?" I answer carefully. "Well, magic is pretend but God is real, honey. And He created our baby." She looks at me with those clear, blue eyes, taking in the wonder of it all. She nods as if to tell me that she understands. And then, in clear acceptance of my answer, she skips away, hollering over her shoulder, "So God just said 'Bibadee, bobadee, boo' and there was our baby!!!". Well, yes, I guess so.
"By the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth" ~Ps. 33:6
"Let them praise the name of the Lord, for He commanded and they were created" ~Ps. 148:5

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Quick Christmas Recap

The Fabulous Four find the perfect treeWe have a family tradition of sleeping under the Christmas tree the night before we celebrate our family Christmas. Either our living room is getting smaller or the number of sleeping bags is getting larger!
Getting ready to dive in to their stockings! Children make Christmas incredibly joy-filled!

And so we have tucked away the last of the Christmas decorations and are doing our best to get back into some sort of routine around here. Such a busy, wonderful season full of family and friends, lovely music, delightful food and sweet "Happy Birthday, Jesus" voices . Noah has already begun counting down to Christmas, 2010!