Friday, June 6, 2008

Ear plugs, anyone?

I do believe Sarah Grace is teething today and having a rough go of it.
I reported in with Craig this morning with the following message:
"I need earplugs and a date with you very soon!"
He reported back telling me that the earplugs were in the garage and directed me to arrange for someone to hang out with the kids so we could go to dinner tonight. I love that man and the sweet little teething screamer we are blessed to call our daughter! (Don't worry, Mom, I resisted the urge to actually USE the earplugs:)!!!)


Leslie said...

So, did you get to go out? How was it?

Leanne said...

Look at me! Blogging this early in the day!! I'm being bad! But I only read your blog, I just HAD to catch up!!!

Did you get to go out??

And I hope your summer calendar includes at least one play date with a family that lives in the same town as you...know what I mean??

Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Leanne from you-know-where!

Anonymous said...

The ear plugs need to be in the same locked cabinet as the wooden spoons! Love
Mom (grahms) :)

And did I mention, I need to be the keeper of key?

Sharon said...

It must be the age.... Emma is following suit! Thanks for the earplug idea, I hadn't thought of that one! :-)