Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Atmosphere of Our Homes

I continue to enjoy Nancy Campbell's study called The Power of Motherhood so very much. This morning, I read this quote that she found in an old book called "Quiet Talks on Home Ideals" by S.D. Gordon:

"The atmosphere of the home is breathed in by the child, and exerts an influence in his training more, by far, than all other things put together. The child receives more by unconscious absortption than in any other way. He is all ears and eyes and open pores. He is open at every angle and point and direction, and all between. He is an absorbing surface; he takes in constantly; he takes in what is there; and what he takes in makes him..."

As mothers (or fathers, if there are any such readers!), what a responsibility we carry for we are the sole creators of the atmospheres of our homes. Praise be to God that "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me". May He aid me, and you, today in creating an atmosphere in our homes worth absorbing!


Michelle said...

Thank you Ericka. I needed that reminder this morning. Dh is gone for another 5 days (2 more to go) and I'm needing to rely on God's strength sooo much. I think that's right where He wants me though. I have such a tendency (especially on good days) to think "I can do this quite well, I'm really cut out to be a mom of 6" etc. That's so prideful. Thanks! Email me with your etsy shop link please, I thought I saw that in your sig on the shed, but I didn't have time to check. Michelle

Leanne said...

Yes, it's a timely and relevant reminder.

My danger is growing comfortable with the way things are! Hey, it it ain't broke, don't fix it! This is dangerous because I believe God always wants us to be going onward and upward, further up and further in with Him, you know?/

So I pray for me (and you, friend) that our eyes will be open to all the ways we can improve the peace of our homes, materially and spiritually!

Another great post!