Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Latest Knitting Project

I have had good reason to be away! You see, there is a wee one being knit together in my womb by an extraordinary Creator!!! Yes, for those who do not know yet, the Fabulous Four will become the Fantastic Five in March (Lord willing). We are so very grateful for this little one, so humbled and delighted that the Lord would chose to allow us to love and raise one more for Him. The reason for my absence, however, has been the EXTREME nausea I have experienced this time around. I am trying all sorts of things to make it more bearable but have not had much success yet. I welcome any and all suggestions! Until I get a better handle on this thorn in my flesh known as nausea, I likely will continue to be a bit sporadic in my postings. Be assured, though, that all is well here and we are enjoying our summer immensely!!!