Monday, June 23, 2008

My Bargain

A few years ago we purchased a couch from Ikea. It served us well. However, with four kiddos and two dogs it was getting tired and, in places, a bit cranky. I have been on a quest for it's replacement. I asked Craig how much we could budget for a new couch and he said to just try to find the nicest couch for as cheap as possible. Ooooooh, how I love a good challenge, especially when it involves searching out a bargain! His stipulations were no plaid, no blues, and no flowers. My stipulations were that it be a sleeper sofa, as both sets of parents live out of town, that it be cozy, and that it be CHEAP!!! So I began making craigslist my new bestfriend! And lo and behold, I did it!!!! Well.....almost. I scored a lovely Bassett sleeper sofa with very minimal wear and tear for....are you ready for this?........for FREE!!!!! It has beautiful shades of tans, dark greens and rusty reds. The only hitch is that it does happen to have flowers. But they're manly flowers; really!!!! I so love a good deal! Just makes me smile! I will have to include a picture another time as our camera is in the truck and I'm much too lazy tonight to retrieve it. You'll just have to trust me!
And by the way, it had not been in our home more than a few hours before Craig openly admitted that it was growing on him! Flowers have a way of doing that, I suppose!


Michelle said...

Good job! Yes, please do post a picture! Michelle

Leanne said...

Pictures are essential!

Or, we could just pop over and have a look and a sit down on it!!

You are amazing!