Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Mother Report

Thank you so very much to each one who prayed for my dear mother. The surgery on Monday morning went really well. However, in preparing her for surgery (which included being intubated) they were required to put her very arthritic neck in positions known to cause her intense headaches. Following surgery, she struggled so very much with an awful headache that, despite the wealth of narcotics available, would not relent. It is NEVER fun nor easy to watch someone you love so much struggle with pain like that. Thankfully, the headache has fallen to a more manageable level now and she is home! My wonderful, wonderful, wonderful husband (have I mentioned how WONDERFUL my husband is?) is tending the home front so that I can be with my mom, serving and tending to her as she has to me so very many times. I would never wish ill for my mom but it's such a gift to get to return just a drop in the bucket of love and care that she has poured out on me.

Craig sent a text message to me yesterday that simply stated: "We are playing Cinderella. I'm the stepmother...". See, he really is wonderful!!!!!!!

Thank you again for your prayers. Such a blessing they are!


Rebeca said...

So glad you are free to be with your dear mama right now. I'm sure it's a blessing to you both. And I hope Cinderella and the children continue to do well....

Sharon said...

Praise the Lord!!!
So glad to hear everything went well... will keep praying for her headaches too, my mom get's those they are SO not fun!
Craig is halarious :-) just the humor you need when you're tending to someone else so seriously :-)
Can't wait to hear the rest of the Cinderella story when you get back home.
Love you!

Leslie said...

Great news to hear, Ericka! Thank you for the update and my prayers will continue. Please tell your mom hello from me.
It's no surprise that Craig is fully engaged with the kiddos! I'd love to be a fly on the wall during those times.:o)

Stacy said...

what a good man!
and i love it that you are joyfully tending to your mother.