Saturday, December 6, 2008

Birth Language

I have always marveled at the birth process. The births of my own four children, as well as the numerous births I have had the honor and privilege of attending, have been some of the most beautiful, joyous moments of my life thus far. My husband, on the other hand, loves to refer to birth with somewhat colorful terms. It is, then, his fault that my sweet, feminine daughter came to me last night, with a lump underneath her shirt in the shape of her doll, and said, in a gentle, quiet voice, "Mommy, I am pumping out a baby. See, here I go!"....silence, as she quietly works through what I presume to be her last and final contraction...."There, Mommy! I pumped out another baby!!!" Do you see me rolling my eyes in my husband's general direction?!?!?


Sharon said...

I can only imagine :-) Is he this comical about the births of his own children :-) :-) :-)
Too funny!!!
Onto a more serious note... for anyone else reading this, Ericka is one of the BEST people you could possibly have with you for a birth! She was there for the long labor of my first,I couldn't have done it (drug free) and as good experience as it was without her!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...that cracked me up! Well, let's hope, for Hannah's sake, that her birthing experience really is that fast and painless :D

Pumping out a baby....hehehe....priceless!