Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Family Ecosystem

Have you ever noticed that your home life, your family and it's members, have their own unique ecosystem. Its like this fine balance, perhaps a bit of a pecking order. The last couple of days, Noah has been hunting with Craig, gone from o'dark thirty (as they describe it) until dinner's on the table. Noah's absence has made me keenly aware of our ecosystem. While he was gone, I noticed Kaleb proudly shouldering more responsibility. At one point, after bringing the garbage cans up from the street, he asked me, "Mom, when Dad's gone AND Noah's gone, am I the man of the house?" I looked down into a face of hopeful wonder, a 6 1/2 year old wanting very much to be crowned King for a moment. "Oh, you most definitely are! Mommas and sisters need a man of the house and when Daddy and Noah are gone, you're it, Buddy!" His chest puffed out a bit, I'm almost certain, and his gait gained a bit of a strut as he walked purposefully away. I also noticed that he and Hannah became inseparable, playing lots of imaginary games (something Noah has never been interested in!). Kaleb took Hannah right under his wing, welcoming any chance to assist her. Now that Noah is back, I do believe Hannah is going to miss the attention she received from her Kaleb! Of course, Hannah's companionship, though enjoyed by Kaleb, was missed by Sarah then. And the shift continued. It's all very interesting to me!

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