Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Memory Lane called Christmas Tree

The ornaments on our Christmas tree are like a walk down memory lane. When both Craig and I were growing up, our mothers each gave us an ornament every Christmas from babyhood on up. When we began having children, they both continued the tradition for Noah, Kaleb, Hannah and Sarah. I invite you to join me for a short jaunt down my memory lane!
For Hannah, who loved horses in 2007
For Kaleb's first Christmas in 2002

A four year old Cubbie Bear

For Noah, who has loved turtles since he was three

One of Craig's treasures from childhood:)

A new ornament this year, engineered by Kaleb

Given to Craig by his mom and dad in 1976

I don't know when I received this ornament but I can't remember ever NOT having it on our Christmas tree

Given to Craig on the Christmas after Hannah was born

Like his father, my husband is an aircraft mechanic. This plane was from his childhood

There are SO many more! A pregnant momma, a princess crown, a rocking horse with the year "1978" on it, a boat engine, a pair of skis, a blown chicken egg from Mrs. Chicken with "1984" painted on it, a few Noah's Arks, a Snoopy dog, a corn husk mouse with a red checkered dress that I have had since I was little tiny, and the list goes on and on! Can you imagine how fun it is to decorate the tree every year, not just for me, but now also for my children as they remember receiving the different ornaments and why?

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Rebeca said...

Reminds me of our tree. So many memories, and more being made each year.