Friday, December 19, 2008

Born First

Nine years ago right now, I was snuggled in bed, having just birthed the one born first. He opened my womb, this 10 lb son, and I became both teacher and student.
God chose this one to be born first. God knew just what He was doing. Tender heart, strong will, inquisitive mind. God's classroom wrapped up in blonde hair and blue eyes.A baby boy...for just a moment. Just a breath and he's running, talking, wondering...His strengths, his weaknesses, his bents, his passions, his victories, his failures....they mold me as I mold him. This one, born first. Born before brother and sisters. God's choice, God's order.

Boyhood, stand still! Please! Slow your pace, don't rush, don't usher him away. Let him linger here, in this place, but just for a moment longer. This mother's heart wishes for just a moment more.

He's 9. Today he is 9. Born first.


Rebeca said...

Happy Birth Day! And many years!

Britt said...

Hope Noah had a very happy birthday! What a sweet tribute :)

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Noah!

Emily said...

My Evi turns 1 on Sunday. They grow up so fast! Too fast!

Sharon said...

What a sweet walk down memory lane!!! My how time flies!!!!!!

Stewart Family said...

Where did the little boy go? You and Craig have a very handsome, and amazing 9 year old son! I hope you had a great day together on his birthday celebrating! Who knew that you could have planned some sort of sledding party or snowman building extravaganza!