Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sarah Grace: A Snapshot

Sarah Gracie, with salsa on your mug, look at your momma!

Gracie, I wanted to take a NICE picture of you!!!

You're ornery through and through, Girlie!!!!

This girl of ours is something else! She was a perfect angel for the first three months of her life; every mother's dream come true baby! Easy going, hardly ever cried, put herself to sleep when she was tired and cute as a button. And then..... We're still looking for the individual who flipped her switch! From about 4 months to about 15 months the girl drove us batty!!!!! She cried, whined, complained, fussed, wailed and sobbed and she did it all very, very loudly. She wanted to be held, BY ME, all the time and so I did, simply to provide our home with a little peace and quiet. Praise the Lord, and I really, really do mean that, we all lived through her first year. Now, here she is, three years old and what we've got is that perfect angel mixed with that little stinkpot all in one incredibly delightful package. She's sweet as can be and ornerier than all get out.

Our very latest talker, we still can't understand about 1/4 of what she says (which is a vast improvement, believe me). We constantly wonder what we've agreed to as she rattles on and on about who knows what and we politely nod our heads in consent. She'll attempt any word under the sun (today she tried her linguistics out on the word 'competition') but oh, how we wish she would have been born with an interpreter. In fact, for quite some time my mother described her as the foreign exchange student:). And it was the perfect description.

Around here she's known as the Chicken Whisperer. She can cuddle and pet nearly any bird in the flock of 22 with seemingly little effort while they run for their lives from the rest of us. She is fascinated with horses and is certain that every single one is "Spir-dit", the horse from her very favorite movie by a similar name ("Spirit"). She grosses us out on a regular basis by holding pet slugs and other various outdoor creatures. We all laid down the law, however, when she marched in the house with a daddy long leg in her hand!

Sounding a bit on the tom-boyish side, isn't she? Don't be fooled. The girl LOVES anything that smells pretty, can be found on a daily basis nursing her wee little babies, and is the first of my children to inherit my ability to cry at the same movie over and over again! She and Hannah love to play "House" and Sarah always gets the role of "Christy", the young daughter.

Miss Sarah Grace is busy from the moment she rises until the moment she crashes and yet still, her very favorite place to be in the whole wide world is snuggled up on my lap with a lock of my hair in her little hand. She keeps me on my toes (and I have a hunch its only just begun!) and I simply cannot imagine my life without her.


Stewart Family said...

Love this post! Such a fun look at little miss Sarah Grace! It will be so fun to watch her grow and see how she uses all of that energy!

Nicole said...

This cracks me up because it reminds me SOOO much of my 3 year old. For one thing, he is the biggest mama's boy on the planet and I can't sit down without him instantly on my lap. He also has the sweet/ornery mood swings going on. One night he told my husband, "I am going to hug you forever .... and chop you to pieces. "

Sarah Joy said...

Precious! I remember her going through the same things as my 3yo who is now such a joy and light in our home!

I was meaning to ask you... what kind of chicken is that in the photo on your blog? It is sooo cute! Can you tell me the best chickens for little ones to hug and squeeze?