Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Endless Pursuit

An unsatisfied pursuit. It always starts there, this break down. Every story that shares the same ending starts there. A chasing after that which can never be caught. It becomes a relentless, addictive chase. The further one runs, the more distorted the past becomes until finally, the runner is convinced that..... "I never loved you". The chasing after "me". One cannot serve two masters. One cannot serve self and others. The burden of service becomes too heavy in the shadow of "me". The grass becomes greener. In the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction, one turns their back on all that could ever quench such a thirst. A child's smile, a husband's safe embrace, a wife's tender touch, the peaceful routine, it ceases to become enough. It IS enough but "me" casts a shadow once more, distorts the joy and tranquility and security and delight. Eyes begin to search beyond the Home's walls for something to satisfy "me". The unsatisfied pursuit. "Me" is greedy, a hunger that can never be made full. An empty belly that only becomes emptier in the pursuit. It will never be enough. The pursuit becomes desperate, unreasonable even. One sheds anything, maybe everything, to chase satisfaction. Leaves them broken, shattered, along the this unsatisfied, Endless Pursuit.

His Word says it 5 times. His life lived it innumerably. "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it...". He knew. He knew that His Way offered freedom and joy everlasting. And yet still, we choose the endless pursuit. We let the pursuit break our hearts and break our homes. We chase after it until we have run so far from everything we ever knew that we loose our way back. Our enemy throws his wicked head back and laughs.

Fold the laundry one more time. Pick up the toys one more time. Pack his lunch one more time. Lift your chin up and smile one more time. Wipe the fevered brow, tickle the tender belly, rise out of bed in the mid of the night, chop the onion, play the game, read the story, listen to the days' events with keen interest, and on and on the list goes. Each time, deliberately and with passion, do it. Turn your back on the Endless Pursuit.

Don't shed them.........
Shed YOU.

If you have run so far from everything you knew that you've lost your way back, there is a Way. He loves you, He longs to lead you home. He has already poured His blood out for this Endless Pursuit. Let His blood cover your chasing after that which will never satisfy. Let His blood wash you and make you clean.

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi I just found your blog today and wanted to thank you for this wonderful, poetic and thought provoiking post.
I look forward to "visiting" soon.