Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Children: The Spice of Life

Children really are the spice of life. Last week, Craig and I were planning a day out and about with the children. The weather was beautiful and we were all suffering from a little late pregnancy cabin fever. As we were contemplating our options, it dawned on me that our children make our life more exciting. As they are getting older, they are each developing their own passions and interests and, as a family, we embrace these and run with them!
So first on our list of activities was a visit to the Mima Mounds, near Olympia, Washington. Go read about them if you get a chance! Pretty interesting! Anyway, there's not a one of us in the bunch who doesn't love to hike (or, as Craig sweetly reminded me, 'waddle', as the case may be) so that was a passion we all share! The day was beautiful, the fresh air invigorating, complete with rosy cheeks and wind-blown blonde heads!
Next on the agenda was a stop in at a new nursery (that ended up being a flop, but nonetheless, part of the "spice of life"). You see, we have a budding botanist in our midst. Noah has become truly passionate about plants! He has, I do believe, around 10 houseplants that he carefully and meticulously tends to, along with seed starts and a shade garden outside. He is learning SO much about the care and keeping of all types of vegetation and can readily identify more plants than I can even name. He pours over seed catalogs like most children poor over toy magazines. He loves it and he's good at it! It is a passion of his that we are all embracing. We were all excited to visit this nursery.... because of him!
After that, we headed to a terrific coffee shop in Olympia because, after all, who ISN'T passionate about coffee (and hot chocolate if you're a little on the short side). Just around the block sits the toy store, which the little girls could have spent hours and hours in. And who doesn't LOVE to watch little girls lost in their own little world of make believe. Then it was Kaleb's turn! This boy is passionate, and I mean passionate, about music. More specifically, guitar. So we ventured in to the local guitar shop there in Olympia where he spent quite some time studying and admiring every guitar, mandolin, banjo and ukulele in the store. Music stores and the such have become a passion for our entire family, simply because they are a passion of Kaleb's.

We then ended our day with a trip to Cabela's, which, as you might guess, is a passion of Craig's! On the drive home, I contemplated our day and treasured the truth that our children really do add so much to our lives. Their passions and interests become ours as we endeavor to fan them, encourage them, and foster them. Our children, each unique and individual, add so much to this unit we call family! We would not be who WE are without each and every one of them. What a joy to get to be part of a such a passion-filled adventure!!! And I have a hunch that it's only going to get better!


Emily said...

I so enjoy your posts Ericka!! How about making them a little more frequent!


Mrs. Mike said...

Great thoughts! Your family reflects similarly to ours!

A couple of summers ago God pinned me down to what it was that I knew about my childrens gifts, strengths. Things I already knew, but the exercise was to be cognitive of what I knew so that Big Daddy and I could better, more specifically, train them the way they should go.

Fun day at the Mounds! Wierd. Cool. Haven't been there for a few years. SW Wa is such a beautiful area!
Have a beautiful day!

tresa said...

Happy for you all. Enjoy these years, and like Emmy says, share often.

Angel said...

Cabela's is always the highlight of our trips south!
The kiddos and I LOVE the animals, husband loves to shop!
Angelnavywife from the W/s