Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm not quite sure how it happens, this metamorphose of names. We don't ever intend to come up with these crazy nicknames! They just happen....
That being said, I'd like to introduce you to Bubba! Of course, his full name is Bubba Stinky, also known as Bubbsie-Boy or Bubbsie, for short. Occasionally, Bubba morphs into Bubbaloni which then causes us all to break out into song:
"My Bubbaloni has a first name
Its J-A-C-O-B
My Bubbaloni has a second name
Its A-A-R-O-N
We love to eat him every day
And if you ask us while we'll saaaaayyyyyy.....
Jacob Aaron is the sweetest boyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Sometimes, Bubba evolves into Bubba-Rootsie, a name born from Daddy's song that goes something like this( sung to the tune of "Allouette"):
Stinky, stinky tootsie
Stinky, stinky toots"

Once in a blue moon, if he's lucky, we simply call him "Jacobeeee" or "Jakey-Poo".

Now he really isn't stinky; in fact, I think he smells delicious right down to his (stinky) little toes. And I'm sure we won't call him Bubba-Stinky when he's 18. But for now, he's our sweet Bubbsie-Boy....and that's just how it is!


Anonymous said...

cute. we have a bubba too (=

duckfans said...

Jackson is our Bubba - still not sure what inspired me to start calling my scrawny 6 pound, 4 weeks early baby boy BUBBA. Maybe I had a deep down feeling that he was going to achieve epic chubbiness and grow into his nickname! Your Bubba is so precious and he is growing so quickly! Love the song too :)

Leanne said...


I just popped in to browse, and ended up staying for a bit!

All of your posts are so thought provoking. I was by turns uplifted, convicted, grieved, and encouraged by your recent series of posts. I continue to "become", and I have heard some really good wisdom from Mr Baucham and Mr Sproul. Thanks for posting the challenging posts. Don't stop!!

And on a lighter note, Lucie has a nickname, or a few, too.....Beans, Beansie weansie, Lu lu, Lu lu beans, bits, bitsy buns.....yep. I laughed out loud at your nicknames for that precious, downy haired, blue eyed angel baby or yours!!! I love nicknames. Our new baby will probably have several!

Take care, and may you savour God daily like your favorite cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Too hilarious! Isn't it funny how those old TV jingles have taken up permanent residence in our brains? I sing the "Oscar Mayer" song to my little one too - turns out "Evang - eline" is just enough letters and perfect rhyme-wise. :) I much enjoy your blog and it inspires me to re-enter the blogging world. :)