Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here Comes My Dad!!!

I was recently reading Psalm 18 in a snippet of time that I had between changing diapers and teaching fractions. Have you read it recently? It may have just been my mood that day, but it actually made me laugh right out loud. David is in the midst of anguish, going so far as to say that the sorrow of Hell surround him. It is obvious that his enemy (who just happens to be the same enemy that we have today) was having a hay-day with him. In verse 6 he says, "In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried out to my God". It goes on to say that God heard his voice all the way from His temple and that his cry came before Him, even to His ears. And then the fun begins! God gets MAD!!!!! He's so mad He's breathing smoke (I think I may have felt nearly that mad once or twice) and fire is coming from His mouth. But He doesn't just stay up there in His temple, steaming. Oh, no! He comes on down and takes care of business. He sends hailstones and fire and arrows. The earth shook, the hills quaked...all because God was angry! He swoops down from His temple and He rescues this one that He loves so very much. Its a beautiful, powerful, amazing Psalm.

The day I read it, I had this brief 'vision' (doesn't that sound lofty? Don't be impressed! I think it came to me in the bathroom:) ) of this little boy being tormented by the playground bully. Truly, terribly tormented. Picked on and belittled and ridiculed and tortured until finally the little boy calls out, "Daaaaddddddyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Suddenly an unsettling silence envelopes the playground followed by the distant sound of thunder growing closer at an alarming rate. The little boy looks up with a new found courage and looks straight into the scowling eyes of the bully. "You've had it now. Here comes my dad!"

Isn't that how it is with our Abba Father? Oh, that I could have the daring confidence that David did and the little boy in my vision did! Next time Satan is tormenting me, dragging me lower than low, I hope I remember this and cry out, "Daaaaadddddyyyyyy!!!! Help!!!! and then, with confidence and expectation, say to my enemy, "You better watch out NOW! Here comes my Dad!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

oh Ericka~ that's awesome. I almost felt myself welling up imagining God coming in to our rescue like a Daddy's strong love and protection for his children....but then reality snapped me back when Benjamin started bragging about the self made arrow he just shot across the room within 1 foot of his little sister.......anyways, thanks for sharing your heart today. I really enjoy your blog!
(o= Bonnie

Michelle said...

Love it! You've always had a way with word pictures.

Anonymous said...

And it helps to remember David's Daddy didn't come to his rescue because he was a perfect child who deserved to be rescued but that he was imperfect and sinful and still his Daddy came. I love that. Great word picture and reminder. Love you Jenny-girl-Mom