Friday, September 5, 2008

Patriotism Revisited

Last night, while pondering our nation's current events, a quote from a past blog entry, True Patiotism, quickly flooded my mind and helped me gain a bit of perspective again:
"A father and mother living together with their children, tender in their love, pure in their lives, strong in their convictions, simple and orderly in their habits, do infinitely more than presidents and governors, legislators, educators, and clergymen can do in making a strong nation." ~S.D. Gordon in "Quiet Talks on Home Ideals".
As I watch fellow believers and church leaders become divided over these presedential elections, even as I feel a division within my own heart, I am reminded that the real impact on a nation happens within the home. My heart is heavy with Christian responsibility and how that effects my presidential opinions but this quote, and the still small voice within, reminds me that my true Christian responsibility carries the most weight here within the four walls of our home. I don't know why this brings me such peace, but it does.
I am hoping and praying that as Christians, we will allow each other the freedom to seek God's face, to do what each of us feels we are called to do, and to do it unto the Lord. At the risk of sounding like a cliche or an offspring of a hippy, I pray that as believers we would use this time to truly become Christ-like in our love for one another, even in light of political differences.
God is good and thankfully in Heaven there will be One Ruler, the one and only Righteous Ruler, and He's been voted into office long before the foundations of the earth even existed! Journey on, dear friends!


Leslie said...

Good words, friend.

Emily said...

Great post! I completely agree with you.

Phyllis said...


Katy said...

Yep!!! I starts at home. Although, I do believe we need to try our best to get the better candidate into matter what...the teaching of and training up of children is the responsibility at home!!!!! :o) I hope you are having a lovely day!!! :)

Rebeca said...

Good thoughts. I'm glad you reposted that quote, because it's really the heart of the matter.