Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Heart is Whole Again

Last Saturday, Craig sliced my heart up into five pieces, left me with one and took the rest of the pieces to Alaska for three very LONG days. My house was clean, quiet and terribly, awfully lonely. Yesterday afternoon, the four missing pieces of my heart returned and now I am whole again. You know, relaxation and time to yourself really isn't all it's cracked up to be!

Here is beautiful Alaska as autumn descends on it's mountain tops and aspen trees:

Kaleb's favorite car in the entire world is a Mustang. He can spot one a mile away. Well, it so happens that Grandpa's bestfriend owns a fast, yellow Mustang.

And Kaleb got to go for a ride! He told me is was fast and then Craig quickly changed the subject. fast, Kaleb?

Noah got to enjoy watching a turtle, his very favorite creature EVER in the ENTIRE world, at the Children's Museum in Anchorage.

"Giddyup, Mr. Bear!"

I must confess that I did enjoy some special time with the left-behind piece of my heart,who was immensely happy to have her family back home:

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