Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A High Calling

I have some fun pictures to share with you of our recent camping trip but I haven't the time right now to post them. However, I am so strongly compelled to share this:

Mothers, you are irreplacable. You really are! You cannot be replaced, though you are often told that you can be, either directly or indirectly. Your calling as mother and helpmeet and keeper of the home is a sacred, high calling. There is NOTHING more valuable that you could be doing, NOTHING!!!!! Do not believe the lies of Satan that threaten to compromise your worth in the eyes of the Lord whom you will answer to one day for how you responded to your calling.

And mothers, your time with your children is finite. You can never get it back. Use it wisely! Do not cast your pearls before swine! Your time and energy is valuable. Don't waste it away; devote yourself, time, and energy to those precious children whom the Lord has blessed you with. They need ALL of you! Please do not deny them of this.

There is no higher calling for a woman, no more blessed name, no more worth while venture, no more valuable position than that of Mother. Not even that of Vice President...

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sharon said...

Once again thank you for sharing your heart. This was very timely for me today and helped me to get my mind back to where it needed to be thinking on what is right, what is true, etc. and not on the lies and frustrations of my day to day if you know what I mean.
Thank you!