Wednesday, July 9, 2008

True Patriotism

A thought to ponder during this election time, from the far reaches of the early 1900s:

"A father and mother living together with their children, tender in their love, pure in their lives, strong in their convictions, simple and orderly in their habits, do infinitely more than presidents and governors, legislators, educators, and clergymen can do in making a strong nation." ~S.D. Gordon in "Quiet Talks on Home Ideals".

Do we really embrace that, as Christian husbands and wives? Do we really fathom the scope and significance of what goes on within the four walls (ha! Who just has four walls anymore?) of the home? Do we really comprehend that the schoolroom of 'one country under God' is the very place where we hang our hats and don our aprons, bath our beauties and scrub our floors; where we read "Make Way for Duckling" 14,ooo times and sooth a sorrow 14,001 times?

The choosing of our president is important, as is the choosing of our teachers and pastors.
However, it pales in comparison to the importance our family life has on the health of our nation. Oh, how our enemy would like us to think otherwise. Daddies and Moms, Husbands and Wives, patriotism comes to true fruition in the place of priority we give to our families. Do not minimize or discredit the labor of your hands and hearts today; you are impacting a nation both today and for generations to come!


Leanne said...

You're an amazing writer....

And I love that I can hear your voice when I read your posts.

What's more....

You're an amazing person, and I am enriched and made better by knowing you.


Rebeca said...

Now THAT is my kind of politics! What a beautiful, challenging, and inspiring quote. Thanks for sharing it. Rebeca