Monday, June 8, 2009

If This Table Could Talk...

A repost from a few seasons ago...

You know the saying, "If these walls could talk..."? Today I was thinking about my kitchen table. I call it a kitchen table because it is in the kitchen. It could be a dining room table except for the fact that we have never lived in a house big enough to have a dining room. Thus it is a kitchen table. Well, if my kitchen table could talk, oh the stories it would tell. In fact, it just might be the hub of our entire home life.

It is where we share our meals together: nice, homecooked meals made with thoughtfulness and love; after-thought meals made with rice and leftovers; quick meals made with pb&j. It is where we start the day as a family and it is where we end the day as a family.

It is where I expand my role as mother by teaching the ABCs and the 123s. It is where my son first learned to write, add, subtract and read. It is also one of the places my children learn manners.

It is where miscellaneous objects become art, where miscellaneous ingredients become cookies and where miscellaneous activities become memories.

It is where God often meets me when the house is quiet and the children tucked soundly into their beds.

It is where my father sat, waiting to hear the cries of his newborn granddaughter from the bedroom.

It is where I've layed my head in my hands and cried and it is where I've raised my hands to Heaven and praised.

Oh, if this table could talk, oh the stories it could tell!

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