Sunday, June 14, 2009

Did Your Husband Take You to Church Today?

Did your husband take you to church this morning? Did he sit beside you in the pew, stand with you as you worshipped the Lord, closed his eyes beside you during prayer? Or perhaps he led your family in worship some other time this week, prayed with you before a meal, or read God's Word to you and your children? Have you thanked him? Have you told him lately how much you appreciate him taking your family to church? If not, please do it... today. I know many women who love the Lord but sit alone every Sunday. Both my husband's mom and my own mom took their families to church, with no husband beside them. On behalf of these women, thank your husband today.

Did you leave the house grouchy this morning? Did your husband take too long drinking his coffee, reading the paper, checking his emails? Did he not help you enough with the children this morning? Did he drive too fast or park in the wrong spot or wear that shirt that you just can't stand? Instead of thanking your lucky stars that you have a husband who will take his family to church, did you sit there in that pew grumbling inside about all the things your husband is not? Then please repent before the Lord and then before your husband and count your blessings instead of his faults.

And when you're finished with your counting, on behalf of all the women who sat alone today, wrap your arms around your husband and, even if it feels awkward, thank him for taking you to church today.

If you are one of those women who had to sit alone today, please know that you were on my heart this morning. May you feel the Lord's presence in an undeniable way each and every time you sit in that pew alone. And may the Lord reach into the heart of your husband in a way that only He can, and bring your man to his knees. You are brave women and I admire you greatly.


Mamalama said...

excellent post! :)

AntfarmMom said...

Ummm, wow! Great post!