Monday, May 25, 2009

Pre-summer Days

Busy, pre-summer days, these days have been. Handfuls of love-laden bouquets for the window sill. I've been thrilled with a surprise patch of lupine, one of my all-time favorite flowers, that is thriving without any assistance from me. A gracious gift from the Creator, to be certain.I had given up all hope of putting in any sort of a garden this year. Craig cut down a tree in the back, falling it across our garden as oppossed to the fence (good call, wouldn't you say?!?!). This, along with the continuing kitchen remodel, occupied both the garden and my husband. Some seasons in life make a garden more conducive then others and I had chalked this up as a non-garden season. But the blessing of several sunny days in a row along with the even bigger blessings of a 9 year old boy with increasingly stronger arms and a joyful, willing heart, and a 7 year old boy willing to run hither and yon, gathering this supply and that, and two little girls, providing hours of giggles and laughter to serenade me as I worked, has made my garden a dream come true!!! Last night, I thanked Craig for giving me such wonderful helpers to assist me while he's away at work and I meant it!!!!!

All this outside labor can wear a girl out and this girl found a nice resting place beneath the shade of the mighty maple that canopies part of our backyard in the late hours of afternoon. This blanket, lovingly quilted and embroidered by her great-grandmother, snuck it's way outside, a place usually off limits to such lovelies. But alas, there it is, snuggled around Resting Girl.

Who could want more than a warm breeze, a good book and a prime seat in the wheelbarrow? Barrel-chest, lanky arms, bruised up legs soaking in the sun, this boy would happily live outside, from sun up until sundown and beyond, if only he could tote his guitar out there.

And so we continue on, busy days full of wrapping up school and digging in dirt and soaking in sunshine and growing and learning and loving and praising. God is good, so very good!!!


Rebeca said...

Lovely, lovely! I've almost given up gardening this year... but not quite! Late it will be, but hopefully soon!

Leslie said...

I love hearing about your days! Oh, the willing, joyful heart of a nine year old...we're working on that! Good job, Noah!!