Friday, May 15, 2009

A Hummock Hike

Wee little hiker, arms full of treasures;
Touching, holding, feeling, experiencing.
Learning Legs that run and jump and bound get awfully tired
Daddy's legs carry her, strong and steady
Even strength must view the Toutle River, of course
Hiker extraordinaire
"When can we go again, Dad? Tomorrow?"
It never fails. Every hike ends with such a question.

"This has been a GREAT homeschool lesson!"
This isn't school, Son. This is LIFE!!!!!
Breath it in! Touch it, study it, let it become part of who you are.
The Fabulous Four
My Fabulous Four
Our Fabulous Four
Oh, my soul does sing!!!

Pictures courtesy of the Hummock Trail in the Mt. St. Helens region. Lovely, lovely hike! What an incredible opportunity to witness the Creator's handiwork!

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tresa said...

Beautiful Photos, Gorgeous Children, and fairly decent poetry at that. Love....