Friday, May 29, 2009

A Campin' We Went

Destination: Clear LakeThis boy looks so OLD to me!!!

When camping, Kaleb only takes his helmet off to sleep! One must be ready to mountain bike at any given moment, you know!

A donut in one hand and hot chocoalate in the other! The very essence of camping!!!

Please notice the hot chocolate on the forehead!

A very patient and faithful fisherman, this boy has become!

Sisters on the rocks...

Very seriously contemplating why his rod was fishless...

Beautiful, beautiful baby...

Hannah caught her first fish and the look of pride on her little face pales in comparison to the look of pride that was on her daddy's face!!!!

This is the before shot:

And this is the after shot!!! Yummy!!!
Upon arriving home, we were blessed with the news of the arrival of a little nephew (Jesse and Rebecca's third little one) in the wee hours of Thursday morn. Safe and sound and as cute as can be, so I've heard. Countin' the hours until my eyes can behold him and my arms can snuggle him. Praise the Lord!!!


Emily said...

We love Clear Lake! We are hoping to make it over there for at least a hike around the lake sometime this summer.

Ericka said...

Emily, this was Washington's Clear Lake. Oregon's Clear Lake is beautiful, too! Hope you make it there this summer to enjoy it's beauty:)