Saturday, May 2, 2009

He Speaks...

"Mom, you know how going to Heaven is the hard way but once you get there it's really good?"


"And going to hell is like going the easy way but once you get there, it's awful and terrible?"


"And you know how, even though it's not really true, they say that Heaven is up and hell is down, under the ground?"


"It's like gravity pulls you to hell, making it the easy way.......
But then God sends down a ladder"

He smiles cautiously. I see the hope in his eyes, the question "If I tell her this, will she get it?" I smile back, trying hard to fight back tears. He's taller today, his voice maybe just a twinge deeper today. But it is not that growth that swells my heart over its banks. It's THIS growth, its bright green shoots sprouting fresh and full of life. We, his father and I, cannot take any credit, none at all. He grows in spite of our failings. He grows in the light of Christ! My heart, oh how it sings! Humble, joyful thankfulness.

Lord, thank You that you speak into the heart of a nine year old in ways that I understand so clearly! I get it, God! I get it...

But God doesn't just stop there. From the bottom bunk alight by night light's glow:
"Mom, its like we are the messengers. We are God's messengers."

And God opens the hearts of mother and sons and pours out truth and teaching, shines down light and salvation. We are leveled at the Cross, mother and sons becoming children together before His throne. Words pour out of human mouths but it is the Holy Spirit, the Teacher, taking just a snippet of pre-slumber moments to fill our hearts with His truth. Unscheduled, unplanned epiphanies!
(And I didn't even have to get wet!!!!)


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Britt said...

How sweet it is to see the fruit of your labor :) What a clever and wise boy!!

Sarah Joy said...

OHMGoodness. That is beyond precious. What a wonderful moment to document.