Friday, October 24, 2008

Magnified Lenses

This bird has been driving me batty lately!!!! It sings an unsual song, one I haven't heard before. It is loud, and clear, and melodious, grabbing my attention each and ever time! I run to the window, or worse yet, outside in my houseshoes (that ought to remain in the HOUSE), scanning hedges, tree branches, sky, for this stranger with the song. I sneak and tip-toe, listening intently for it's noted clue. I spy and snag bird book, but identify to no avail. And then....wisdom strikes. I handle binoculars carefully, focus in and find. A dab of yellow, unseen by my naked eye, is clear as day through magnified lenses. It's identifying mark exposes it's secret: a Golden-Crowned Sparrow.

See what looking closely will do? Look closely today, at the smile lines hardly formed yet on young faces, the eyes full of life, the hands at play. Look closely today at the red and orange and yellow decorating the trees, at the blueness of the expanse (or the cotton balls that cloud it), at the spectrum of shades all around. Look closely today at the strong shoudlers of the one who holds you, at the provision all around you that faithful hands and heart offer you, at the one you build this life with. Look closely, through magnified lenses and identify the loving heart of our God.

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