Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Legos, Anyone?

Isn't motherhood an adventure? (I know you are nodding your heads with understanding, perhaps with a bit of a smirk on your faces). Yesterday, I had the distinct honor of being the clean up crew. However, I was not cleaning up a peanut butter and jelly smeared face or muddy hand prints on the back door. Those are slightly cute, aren't they? This adventure was not 'cute' in any way, shape or form. Let me just start by saying that my husband does MANY, MANY things. In fact, do you know that in the 12 years that we have been married we have NEVER taken our car to a mechanic, never called a plumber, electrician or appliance repair technician? My husband has this innate ability to fix anything, even if he's never fixed it before. Seriously, he has single-handedly saved us thousands of dollars by his amazing ability to build, repair and install just about anything! However, there is one thing he does not do: puke. He does not do puke! I've known it all along, I've accommodated it in every way possible without hesitation. When puke is involved, he's not!!! I'm completely fine with that. Well, yesterday afternoon, while on the way home from a haircut, I stopped at the store to pick up a few things. Just as I was bagging the last of the groceries, I got a desperate call: "Your youngest daughter is puking everywhere. Please come home as soon as you can" said my husband's voice on the other end of the line. Oh, my, how I rushed home. I found my husband and said youngest daughter, both sitting half-clad on the couch, snuggled in a blanket. One of them was rosy pink, the other was green (I'm sure you can guess who the green one might have been!). The green one shares the details: "I was putting up the trim in the utility room when Noah rushed in to tell me Sarah had just thrown up in the Lego bin. I got her and took her into the bathroom where she then threw up all over both of us. I had to cut her shirt off. I'm sorry....". Seriously, the amount of time that I am away from this little girl is so tremendously minuscule, how can it be that the rare vomit occurrence has to happen during one of these equally as rare times away from her? My poor husband. I really was feeling badly for him until......I saw the Lego bin in which case I then began to feel badly for ME!!!! Remember, when puke is involved, Craig is not, so the Lego bin and I got real friendly (I will save you the details accept to note that Sarah does not chew her french fries very well!), thus adding one more adventure-notch to my motherhood belt. This one was well-deserved, trust me. But alas, all is well in the world. Craig has returned to a pleasant shade appropriate for a Caucasian male, Sarah has slept peacefully without any further events, the Legos are good as new and I continue to be thankful for a husband who really can do ALMOST anything!


Michelle said...

Ah, thank you for the great big laugh (a very knowing, understanding laugh)!

Leslie said...

Oh, boy. That's a good one, Ericka. Poor Daddy. Poor you. Poor baby! The Lego bin...what a place! Glad all is well now.

Emily said...

Eeewww!! Poop is my nemesis. I remember Jubilee being very sick with intestinal flu one time when I had morning sickness. I COULD NOT handle her diaper, luckily it was the weekend and Phil could!

Rebeca said...

Yikes! Amazingly, Erik has dealt with way more puke than I have. I don't know why; he just always seems to be in the right (or wrong) place when it happens.
I peed on our Legos when I was a kid.
They survived.

Stewart Family said...

Maybe it's a red-head thing because Aaron doesn't "do puke" either. It's funny to hear a grown man call out in desparation when anyone is throwing up at our house. A few weeks ago Aaron came home to find me scrubbing thrown-up blueberry smoothie out of the carpet and commented that the house smelled like puke...huh, great observation! :-) I think my favorite part of your post was the part where the shirt had to be cut off...hilarious! I'm sure the legos are the cleanest they've every been.