Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miss Hannah Joy Turns 3!!!!

Our first little girl is now officially a whopping three years old! Despite a fever that tried very hard to keep her down during her birthday party, she got a reprieve long enough to enjoy a little cake (compliments of Daddy, who is the best cake decorator in the world-atleast in OUR world!!!) and a few presents. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love you so very much and are so delighted that the Lord chose to bless our family with YOU!!!!


Leslie said...

You've had some sickness go through your house? Is everyone on the mend? Have you started school?

Mamalama said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! :D
Love the cake! Could you be any craftier? ;)


p.s., re:the tags on my Dirty Baby post--we have a bunny (not in the pic) and his nickname is Brown lol!)

Katy said...

Happy Birthday to your lil one!!! :) She is adorable and i love that cake! :)