Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun Was Had by All

We have returned from our venturings and have spent the last few days recovering and preparing for our next outing: a yearly camping trip with several other families that will be happening this weekend. We had such fun last weekend. The boys came back tired but so excited about their trip. The weather was beautiful for them and they really did have a wonderful time. When asked how their trip was, Kaleb said it was great until they had to come home!

The girls and I had a terrific time with my dear friend and her family, as well. Such a relaxing, enjoyable few days, visiting, delighting in her children, and spending some nice time with my two daughters. Sarah decided while down there that walking was definitely the way to get around these days and she has since pretty much mastered it. She's so cute with her hands up in the air, belly leading the way, little bare feet slapping the floor softly. I really could just eat her up! And Hannah was just thrilled to have some older girls to come along side. My friend's oldest daughter loves to bake and she would don Miss Hannah with an apron, scoot a kitchen stool up beside her, put a few chocolate chips in her apron pocket and hand her a spoon for stirring. Hannah was absolutely delighted!!!! Our camera went with the guys but my friend took some wonderful pictures. Be looking for those here in the next day or two!

Have a marvelous day, rich with the Lord's heart-changing presence. Enjoy His gifts today for He is truly good!


Rebeca said...

Glad you all had such wonderful times! Good memories for all. And I hope the camping trip is great too!

Emily said...

Mmmmhhh, I have been wanting to visit a friend in Oregon this Summer so I am a little jealous.