Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Miscellaneous Post

Are you all familiar with Pandora? Our computer is our media center so this online radio station(s) is right up our alley. Just plug in your favorite artist and they create a play list for you with that artist as well as others like him/her/them. Wonderful!!!

Yesterday I participated in my first ever bazaar, of sorts. A community-wide baby shower sponsored by our local hospital, I offered slings and hooded bath towels and clothespin aprons (renamed "Momma Apron" in honor of the event) at my booth. It was fun but the day was spent counting the minutes until I could get back to my feverish little Sarah. My mom and dad held her close while I was gone, which I was so grateful for, but really, I could not breath easy until it was my arms holding her. Life's timing is interesting, isn't it?

Last night, while rocking my wee one, I watched the documentary, "A Walk to Beautiful". You can watch it instantly on Netflix. Here is the summary from Netflix: "In Ethiopia, a country with few hospitals and even fewer roads that lead to them, five women are on a journey to rebuild their lives after suffering devastating losses in childbirth. When the women survive but their babies do not, they are summarily shunned by their families. Now, they must make their way to a hospital in Addis Ababa, where they hope to receive treatment for fistula, a condition caused by obstructed labor during childbirth." It lasts less than an hour and was well worth my time, as an ignorant American woman surrounded by so many obstetric and gynecological options it isn't even funny.

This week continues the kitchen remodel, with drills and jigsaws becoming neighbors with pots and pans. Our kitchen sink is visiting in the living room, some lower kitchen cupboards greet us at the foot of our bed in the morning and dishes are done in the bathtub, with two little girls delighted to assist in their cleansing. Remodeling anything in a small house is an adventure!!! I'm so grateful for a husband so willing and able! He continues to blame it all on Thelma (yes, I named her!!!! Of course! Anyone who knows me will not be surprised at all. Those who are surprised ought to get to know me a bit better!!!!), though I know this remodel has been in the works in the back rooms of his mind for quite some time. While he works hard, I will continue to be adaptable and grateful and will find my crock pot even more handy than before! I'd post pictures except that I am too lazy this evening! Soon....

Hope all is well for each of you! God is good and He loves you so very much! I hope you KNOW that; really, really know that.


Rebeca said...

Good to hear from you! I've got A Walk to Beautiful in my Queue and that was the motivator I needed to actually watch it! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you again, I've missed you :) So sorry to hear about Sarah, we all went through that last week, sure isn't fun. I think that Kaelyn handled it the best of all but was still really hard to see her with a temp again. Can't wait to see pics of the kitchen, I found the BBQ came in really handy when we did ours. Take Care Love Lisa