Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Lesson on Faith from the Paris Dakar

So my husband was showing the boys video clips of the Paris Dakar this morning. For those who don't know what that is, as I didn't, it is an off-road automobile endurance race where drivers put the pedal to the metal in the middle of barren deserts and the such. I was watching over boy shoulders at these crazy people bouncing their rally cars over dunes and deserts, canyons and crevices at speeds that would absolutely cause me to die right there in my seat. One of the clips showed the inside of the rally car as it was racing and I noticed not just the driver but also a passenger, being whipped and bounced about inside the vehicle. "Why do they have a passenger?" I asked Craig. "He gives the driver directions. He is giving him directions the entire time, telling him when there's a turn, which way the turn is, even what degree the turn is.". Wow! "Really?" I asked. "Boy, you'd sure have to trust your co-pilot!"

And isn't it just like that with God? There He sits, on His heavenly throne and yet right at our side, too. In His infinite wisdom, He's guiding us constantly,directing us to turn here, stay on course there, warning us of danger ahead. But what good is His guiding if we don't trust Him enough to follow His directions? What good is the co-pilot if the driver doesn't trust him enough to turn when he says turn, stay straight when he says stay straight, etc.?

Hmmmm... A new word picture for faith. You know how I love word pictures (smile)!!!


Anonymous said...

I've seen a bumper sticker that says, "If God is your co-pilot, then you need to switch seats."

The idea being that we often like to be in control and don't REALLY want to relinquish that to God. Too scary. So, we think of God as a co-pilot -- "You tell me where to go God, and if I think it's a good idea, then I'll do it."

However, God, (not wanting to be a puppet-master, but allowing us to follow out of love and obedience) will not force His way in to the pilot's/driver's seat...until you are ready to reliquish the controls.

I struggle with that (who doesn't?) but more often than not, it's not that I'm ignoring the directions He's providing, but that I'm just not listening for the directions in the first place. I think it's what my husband does to me when I try to help him navigate... ;-)~

We've had a great series at church over the past couple of months called, "What is God really like?" This particular message reminds me of the one we had about the Holy Spirit...I need to be more attentive to my "co-pilot" :D

If you ever have the time, or the inclination, I'd highly recommend listening to the whole series on podcast (focusing on the ones our Sr. pastor preaches as they have more continuity). Good and challenging stuff each and every week! Man, am I blessed to be in the "home" I am :)

Jeanette Ehara said...

Thank you for sharing! I thought that was beautiful and well said.