Thursday, November 13, 2008

Many Hands...Turn a Corner

Yesterday, we turned a corner! It was a simple corner, and yet it came as such a blessing! I have a friend with six lambs in her flock, as Nancy Campbell would say. She visited the library once and may have only had five at the time, but she took only the youngest two. She came home exhausted and a bit exasperated and told me that going to the library with five was far easier than going to the library with one or two. Honestly, I'll admit that I thought that she was crazy, that perhaps growing five placentas had proven to deplete her head of each and every brain cell contained within. It could not be true that toting along five children could possibly be easier than toting along two. Surely there must be some law of physics that could disprove her belief! May I say that if such a law exists, it is a false law. Yesterday I took my four children to the grocery store to supply our pantry with food. Noah was the keeper of the pencil and clipboard with our grocery list on it. He crossed off things as we went and kept me informed of what we needed next. Kaleb kept Hannah company while Noah and I claimed various food items as our own. Hannah enjoyed his company as well as chatting away with me about the sundries of life. Sarah Grace snuggled sweetly to my back in the Ergo. We made short, and efficient, order of the grocery store. Then the potential chaos at the check out began. But, alas, the chaos was abated by helping hands emptying the cart on one end while I bagged groceries on the other. As we exited the store with a full load of groceries, a crazy thought entered my mind and a corner was turned on this journey called parenting: "That shopping trip was easier with four children that it would have been with only one or two!!!". Either there's truth there, or I, too, am brain-cell deficient. "Many hands make light work". If it's not a proven law of physics yet, it should be!

So to the Fabulous Four: thank you for being such a blessing to this one momma. You are a delight, an absolute delight.

And to Michelle: thank you! You were right:)!


Rebeca said...

That's a great idea to let a young'un manage the shopping list. I think Peregrine is reading *almost* well enough to do that.
Turning "little" corners like that is a big deal. Congrats!
Maybe I need a couple more kids....

Sharon said...

These wonderful glimpses of the blessings our children are can be such a treat!
A nice reward for a hard working mommy to see the fruit of her labor :-) Thank you Lord!

Michelle said...


It only gets better too. I can't imagine going to Costco without my strapping oldest son to lug all the heavy stuff!

Emily said...

Hmmmm, Michelle keeps telling me this will happen. I am eagerly waiting. I have opted to tackle the grocery store only once a month and the produce market once a week to avoid the difficulty of it all! Sawyer drives a mini cart, Evi is in the Ergo, and Jubilee sits in the cart. A small boy with a cart needs a lot of attention!! So far, no catastrophes. Looking forward to helpers!