Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sarah Grace, you've learned to hug. I mean, down and dirty, arms wrapped tightly around my neck, squeezing as hard as your little muscles can possibly squeeze, hug. Oh, it makes me giggle with happiness, which then provokes you to issue another one, and another and another. And I try desperately to memorize the way your arms feel, your little body snuggled up against mine. For you will follow the pattern of those who have gone before you.... and you will grow up!
Your hugs will remain treasured moments of pure sweetness, but they will become fewer in frequency and perhaps not quite as tight as they are now. They will not come in rapid succession but I will count myself blessed if you find the time for just one!
Your arms will grow and wrap easily around my neck where as now they must stretch to circle about it. Sooner or later, your legs will not dangle down during such an encounter. No, they will instead be planted firmly on the ground, daughter and mother closing the chasm between child and adult. And oh, how precious your hugs will be then, too.
I love you, Sarah Grace!

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