Saturday, July 19, 2008

My New Project

I was visiting a blog called Joyful Noise and found this post about what the author calls a "Morning Basket". This is exactly what I've been trying to piece together in my mind, right down to the candle. This is going to be by new project and I can't wait to get started!!! Thank you, Tami at Joyful Noise, for sharing your "Morning Basket". It is truly lovely!


Sharon said...

Thank you for passing this along. What a huge difference this would make for such a simple idea :-) Why can't I think outside the box like that :-)
Love you!

Leanne said...

Sarah is really photogenic....

It helps that she's REALLY cute too!!

I went to Joyful Noise and read the post on the morning basket....

My morning stuff is just hanging out on my hearth and so, I'm now on a quest for the perfect basket, to be put under my coffee table!

I wonder.....about skirting my coffee table with fabric??

And thanks for the supportive comment on my blog!


Tami said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. My morning basket has been so convenient. I see that we are both from the same state. We are about 20 minutes NW of Seattle. Have a blessed day. In God's Love, Tami