Friday, July 25, 2008

A Bit of Rambling

Today will complete our first week of swim lessons for this year. The kids are doing marvelous, even little Hannah. The boys are learning to use their arms more and to dive and Hannah's learning to kick and float and blow bubbles while suspended in water by multiple floatation devices. Sarah has been using her time during swim lessons wisely by doing her best to walk. Oh, she's so very proud of herself and announces this by giving us a huge, cheesy grin every single time she succeeds at her small series of steps. Where has time gone that she should be up on her two legs already?

Yesterday we spent a delightful day visiting my sister in law, nephew and niece at a KOA campground near Astoria, where she and my brother are staying while he does a job in that neck of the woods. The kids had so much fun together playing at the park, swimming and jumping on this huge "Air Pillow". The weather was beautiful and the fellowship sweet. Sadly, I forgot to dig out my camera so my words are all you get! Today, I have tired kids and lots of laundry... always a good sign of enjoying life.

As a bit of a P.S. or side note, I am on the hunt for a stainless steel tea kettle. Let me clarify: I am on the hunt for an ALL stainless steel tea kettle. I had ordered a Kitchenaid that was said to be stainless steel but upon receiving it today, realized that perhaps the core of it is stainless steel but there is still a coating of some sort on the inside. This is rather unfortunate because not only are we in need of one, but this one is such an inviting shade of yellow that I'm a bit sad to have to send it back. YOU have a stainless steel tea kettle that does not have any sort of coating on the inside? If so, where did you find it?
Well, such a rambling post but it's that kind of day here! Hope your day is rich with the Lord's heart-changing presence!


Leanne said...

I do have a tea kettle, as we talked about the other day....

I'll bring it over so you can look at it at our next play date!....



Rebeca said...

I hope you find just the kettle! You've inspired my to sew, and I just got some very fun new fabric for an apron, a diaper bag, and some curtains for Poppy's room. Now I just need to make time to do it! I love that you find the time to be creative. So important.
I was just going through some old pics and saw one of the baby shower for me and Karen T. in Mac. Had forgotten that you were there! Am glad to be getting to know you better now!