Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Bit of This and That

Things have been unseasonably (or rather, unreasonably!!!) busy lately. We had a bout of sickness plow through, hitting little Sarah the hardest. We're on the tail end of that, praise the Lord. Yesterday began the remodeling of the kitchen (it's the stove's fault, I tell ya!!!) so the busy-ness appears to refuse to relent, however self-induced it may be. Nonetheless, I am not too prideful to admit that I've longed for a few Calgon moments lately! If you find any up for grabs, would you mind sending them my way? Thanks!

A ballerina? A knight? Your guess is as good as mine!

I absolutely love the old timer on my stove. Love it!!!

This is what 50 years of grease looks like!

Two peas in a pod; er, basket!

In other news, I recently discovered Libera, a boys' choir from South London. In truth, perhaps it was a God-ordained Calgon moment for me when I stumbled upon them playing on the radio late one night driving home from Mom and Dad's. Oh, how their music soothes and melts. Just thought I'd share!

Also had a moment to take a Toothbrush Rug class with my mom. It was so fun and felt fabulous to learn and create. I'll have to post a picture of my 'trivet' when I get a moment!

AND...when I fall to my nightly resting place, it has been with Cheaper by the Dozen, bound in an old library spine, that lulls me to sleep. What a terrifically humorous and delightful read! Just what I've needed lately!

Okay, back to laundry and school and kitchen cabinets and dinner prep and .....


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your family made it through the sickies. We've been hit to a small degree, but it's just been your basic cold that's going through this house. I know so many other families are struggling with pnemonia and bronchitis -- makes me feel very fortunate! Also makes me wonder if it isn't just because my kids have better immune systems because they are sans vaccines... Anyway, I'm so excited to see how your kitchen remodel project develops. Sounds like a lot of construction is taking place on your street ;-)

Sharon said...

I'm so glad to see you're all doing okay :-) I was about to give you a call and make sure you were still around :-)
I'll make you a deal :-) I know as a mom it would make more work to get ready to get away than to just stay :-) but if you come visit me I'll let you take your calgon bath in my big garden bathtub :-)
Keep up the good work dear friend!!! You are such an inspriation to me!
Love you all!