Saturday, September 19, 2009

Photographic Catch-Up

I am so thankful to get to report that my world is looking less and less green and my couch and bed becoming more and more foreign to me. I am fourteen weeks and feeling so, so much better. It was truly a rough first trimester (plus a few weeks) for all of us. When momma is out of commission, it really throws everyone off their axis. We're all glad to be resuming some sort of normalcy again. And our reward?!?! A sweet heartbeat announcing that all was not in vain. Praise the Lord!!!

So before I jump back into blogging, I thought I would do a bit (or a lot) of photographic catch-up! Despite feeling pretty miserable, summer, with all it's fun, treated us to many lovely memories. Here's a peek into our last few months:

Sarah Grace, on her 2nd birthday
A Hello, Kitty cake made by Daddy

The day we found out that we were expecting, we left for Alaska to visit Craig's parents. We spent the first three days camped along a BEAUTIFUL remote lake. We enjoyed kayaking and canoeing around the lake, listening to the loons and watching the sun go down around 11pm!!!
Kaleb would have spent the entire time kayaking! He loved it!

Craig's dad, Craig and the girls. I think Sarah nearly fell asleep kayaking around that peaceful lake. Who could blame her?!?!

Sweet Sarah, preparing "Grass Soup"

The boys took a nice hike WAY up into the mountains.

Upon our return home, Noah found this in his garden, snapped the picture himself, and chose the border. I think it is a marvelous picture, don't you?

Not long after returning home from Alaska, we loaded up once again for a camping trip at Silver Creek State Park with several families from our church in Newberg. There's nothing quite like camping when you are a child. The Fabulous Four had so much fun!!!!

Noah is looking so grown up to me these days. I have only a few more months in the single digits with this one. Where has the time gone? His interests and conversations are becoming more mature in nature. I am really enjoying and treasuring my time with Noah.

Our Hannah Joy...
(Just for the record, I did not ask her to pose! This was all her own doing! If she added a "Please" to that face, I'm most certain we'd give her the world!!!)

I think my husband should get an award of some sort. Like the "Sherpa Award" or something! Little legs get tired going uphill and Daddy legs get very strong.

In August, Hannah celebrated her 4th Birthday with a trip to the zoo and a picnic dinner with grandparents.
Rounding out our summer involved lots and lots of fishing. When so many other foods found themselves on my "Gag me with a pitchfork" list, grilled salmon never failed to hit the spot!!! Craig has found himself one dedicated fishing companion! Though both boys went out many times with Craig, it was Kaleb who eagerly rose every single morning at o'dark thirty to join his daddy on the river.

I am looking forward to blogging again, when time permits. Thanks for taking a journey through our summer with me!


Michelle said...

Beautiful, amazing photos and simply astounding family! Can't wait to see you again!

Emily said...

Glad you are feeling better and glad that you will be blogging again. I missed pictures and updates.

Rebeca said...

Nice to see what you've been up to, and so glad you're feeling better!

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a lovely post! I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing.

duckfans said...

Ericka, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better - 14 weeks was the magic number for me too! Thanks for posting all the great pics of your family this summer. I so enjoy your blog. Have a great day!