Thursday, April 23, 2009

Off We Go!!!

The daily grind can dull even the most zealous passions. It is for this reason that I am very excited to be heading off tomorrow morning, alongside my husband, to the Christian Heritage Conference. We had the privilege of attending it a few years ago, when Hannah was a baby, and it was so very wonderful! This year's theme is "Passing on Faith in a Faithless World". I am looking forward to my fervor being renewed and my devotion to homeschooling our Fabulous Four refreshed. I am looking forward to learning and listening. I am anticipating being challenged... and I can't wait! Having two days of time with Craig is the delicious, thick, homemade, cream cheese frosting on the cake!!!! If you think of it, I sure would appreciate your prayers, that the Lord would use this time to accomplish HIS will in our family. Thank you!!!!


Sharon said...

Have an absolutely WONDERFUL time!!!! I can't wait to hear about it!

Bethgem said...

Time alone with your husband? Excellent. :) Hope you had a great time.

Thanks for letting me know about that book. I'm off to check my library now.