Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Family and Friends (and strangers who happen by),
I would like to introduce you to... US!!! We are a happy (most of the time) family of six (unless you count the critters that transform our manor into the menagerie that it is) who love each other (though sometimes our demonstration of such love is in need of editing), love living life (even when it entails scrapped knees, muddy paw prints and dry rot) and are learning to love the One who is leading us through this life, both inside and outside the parenthesis!!!
Further introduction would entail these guys:

The Fabulous Four, they are! Noah, Kaleb, Hannah and Sarah. They are the song God chose for us! They are our decor and our theme, our passion and our ministry. It is through these earthen vessels that we find God so often teaching and training us, refining us, administering compassion and mercy to us, and blessing us abundantly!

And the backbone of it all:

This is my dream-come-true! This man, here, has been making my heart skip a beat for many, many years! I met him for the first time when we were in the second grade and I can remember him only because he had the most alarming orange hair I had ever seen (sadly, he refuses to share this hair, which has now settled down into this lovely, warm red, with any of his offspring!). A few years later, we met again and this time I remembered him not for his hair, but for what he did to my heart! And the rest was history!

And there you have it! One long-winded introduction! Let the blogging begin:)!


Leslie said...

So, you're back at it! I'm so excited!

Leanne said...

Oh, I'm so excited to see you over here!!! I keep checking your other blog to see if you've posted lately.....

Welcome to blogspot!

When you visit me, you'd better leave a comment!!!! LOL!!!


Michelle said...

Yeah! I think you'll like blogspot. Michelle

Rebeca said...

Welcome to Blogger! Hope all is well with you and will look forward to hearing from you as you're able!

HomeJewel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your children are beautiful - even if they didn't decide to come with their father's hair color! We seem to have a lot in common: homeschooling, homebirthing, Christian, PNW, gardening, sewing, Craigslisting, etc!